Tips To Improve Your CV Writing Skills

CV Writing on a Table

CV Writing Tips

”In the midst of Winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible Summer.”

Albert Camus

The best CV to get a job is the one that tells your story of strengths, achievements, and skills. It is important to adapt the CV to the position and respond to the job requirements in the job description. The CV has to hook recruiters within seconds because they receive a lot of job applications.

Consider phrasing your achievements as end results, and expressing them by using action verbs. It can be challenging to come up with clear and tangible results because some of them are not easy to quantify. In such cases, emphasize problem-solving, leading people or processes, communication, and creativity skills. Mention your strengths and aptitudes by using positive active language, and use lists of positive words and verbs to get inspired.

Here are some tips to improve your CV

  • Tailor your CV to each job you apply for and include in your CV relevant details to the job advertisement
  • Whether six months in a role or several years, be clear on how you added value and personal contributions
  • Include relevant skills required in previous positions because this should prove your suitability
  • Don’t forget to brag and list your achievements, use the STAR method to present it
  • Highlight relevant professional certificates and education, sometimes education is a critical selection requirement
  • The layout of your CV needs to be clear and structured
  • Include matching keywords from the job description and avoid jargon. Remember that the person reading your CV may not be a technical or industry expert.

Matching keywords

Employers use ATS (Application Tracking System) because it allows them to process large volumes of applications. ATS reads the CV segment texts, tags them, and then scores the applications by matching keywords and phrases to the job requirements.

Highlight your strengths

So, even if you have all the required skills and experience to excel in the role you are applying for, this might not be enough to make it to the shortlist. It’s important to solve this issue by matching the main keywords related to skills and responsibilities presented in the job ad with your CV.

Past work experiences are key predictors of future job performance. Don’t forget that the purpose of your CV is to point out the strengths, work experiences, and personal contributions to the jobs you previously had. This is how you can increase your chances of getting a new position and craft the best CV for the job you are applying for.